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Favorite game of Gerry Hendrickx

by on October 19, 2011

My favorite game is risk. Most people will be familiar with the game. It’s a turn based strategy board game in which you have to conquer the world. You can deploy armies and attack other regions on the map by moving your armies to enemy territories. Bonuses (extra armies) are given if you have control over an entire continent.

It’s my favorite game because it has a good balance of tactics and fun. You must think about which territories you want to attack, where to leave troops to defend your territories and how you can sabotage the other players by disabling them to get bonuses. This is the tactical part, and although it may sound difficult, it’s a lot easier than chess. You have a better view of the opponents moves and you can anticipate on those moves early. For me personally, not having to think too hard, makes it more fun. In these kind of games, a balance between the fun factor and the strategic part of the game is important.

If we switch to computergames, a similar trend can be seen. In first person shooters, I prefer the Call of duty series over the Rainbow six series, because the fun factor in call of duty is higher. It has scripted events that keep everything spectacular and fun. Nevertheless, Call of duty (when played on a more difficult setting) still keeps it challenging, so it isn’t too easy.


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