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One of Brian’s favourite games: Super Smash Bros

by on October 19, 2011

One of my favourite games is Super Smash Bros. It’s usually played as a multiplayer beat’em-up game with friends controlling the other characters. Instead of making famous characters because of the game (f.e: Yoshimitsu of the Tekken series) this game turns it around and makes a game famous because of it’s characters. Almost each character has a completely different set of moves which gives the game an exploration factor. Initially the option to play as Pikachu versus Mario drew me to play this game, but the fun gameplay and unlocks kept me addicted.

One of the funnest aspects of the multiplayer mode is that next to the official rules we are able to make up some new rules. For example:

  • You can’t select the same character twice.  Which almost assures that even the best player at one point has to select a character which he isn’t familiar with.
  • Pokémon mode: Everybody selects a Pokémon character and the only items turned on are Pokéballs. Of course we also pick the Pokémon Stadium level to play in.


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